3 May 2013

Too Cute To Puke - Untamed! Unshamed! Merciless! at Moriskan 3rd May

Too Cute To Puke returns tonight with an extra hour to party! That's right folks we dance until we drop at 4 in the morning! Our regular guest Ellen Magnusson is our guest-DJ this time - we figured that since she just kept making awesome requests she might as well join us and play them herself! Very much looking forward to her set. Ellen is also our 20th female guest-DJ in a row. And here we though it was hard to find female DJs...

We also have visuals by Humle Rosenkvist. Hopefully this will become a recurring thing with a different visual artist everytime.

Friday 3rd May
Moriska Paviljongen in Folkets Park, Malmö
22-04 | 20 yrs (email us for under-20 list)
Free before 22, 80kr 22-23 and then 100kr
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