9 Aug 2009

No Time For Us indeed. Club night cancelled. Now with Not cancelled

Sorry everyone but we have to cancel the club night on friday as we don't have a venue. I was really looking forward to playing and dancing with everyone but there isn't much I can do

Update Sorry for all this on again of again but as popkids with our hearts on our sleeves I guess we should be used to it. We're gonna be doing a smaller version of the night as the venue is smaller and time shorter. So please come to Tempo Bar & Kök and we'll be there playing between 2130-01 DJs will be Peter Thulin (Musik & Konst) Frederik Krantz (Chocolate Barry) John Krantz (The Branded) Daniel Novakovic (ST!SC!) Anna Brynolf (Liverpool) but if you where scheduled to play before feel free to bring a few songs with you and we'll squeeze them in

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