18 Aug 2009

22/8 Live & Guest-DJ: Harvey Williams (Another Sunny Day) + Leaving Mornington Crescent

It's time for Harvey Williams (Another Sunny Day) yearly visit to Malmö! And this time he's playing live and djing! At the same time! No that's not right. He'll be playing live first and then djing. For those of you that've seen Harvey DJ know that it'll be an amazing night with dancing all over Retro. Malmös own indiepop duo Leaving Mornington Crescent will be supporting. They're a brand new band with an impressive debut on Cloudberry Records and Susy Records and are just adorable Another Sunny Days legendary London Weekend has just been reissued with bonus tracks and Harvey has promised to bring some over. These will be on sale on the night and if you're nice we bet he'll be more than happy to sign them for you This is as usual a free night. Please keep in mind to be early as the venue where the bands will play fills up quick. If you're under 20 please mail ahead as the guards will be strict because of the ongoing Malmö festival. UPDATE: We open at 2200. The first band will be on at 2300 last.fm event Facebook event

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