15 Jan 2010

Mixtape: Dear Diary, Let Me Be Seventeen Forever

Dennis of Malmös second best record shop Rundgång was asking around for skewed indie tunes so we thought we'd put together a mixtape with seventeen of our current crushes for him and for you. All songs tumbling and stumbling and all superb. Hope you like it.

Dear Diary, Let Me Be Seventeen Forever
1. Yuck - Georgia
2. Home Blitz - Two Steps
3. Thee Oh Sees - Schwag Rifles
4. Outdoor Miners - Twelve Hundred Dollars
5. Fag Cop - My Daddys Got White Trash Friends
6. First Base - Nobody Makes My Girl Cry But Me
7. The Go Team - Milquetoast Brigade
8. Sad Horse - Rain
9. Yellow Fever - Alice
10. The Hairs - Duh! x 12
11. Davila 666 - Sabes Que Quiero
12. Mika Miko - I Got A Lot (New New New)
13. Finally Punk - Dear Diary, Men Are Pigs
14. The Romance Novels - Quarter To Four
15. Explode Into Colors - Sharpen the Knife
16. La La Vasquez - Why?
17. The Clean - In Love With These Times

EDIT: Alternative download

1 comment:

brogues said...

oooh...the best Davila 666 tune! Good work :)