6 Feb 2010

Mixtape: Let Me Tell You About Punk Rock

While we're getting ready for tonights PENS and La La Vasquez gig we thought we might put together a mixtape of some tracks that make our hearts go snap, crackle, pop! Songs that gets us to stay up all night listening to records and finding out what it's like to really kiss somebody. As always, if you like a track go and buy the records or try and catch the bands live.

Let Me Tell You About Punk Rock
1. Garbo's Daughter - I Only Have Eyes For You
2. The White Wires - Pogo 'Til I Puke
3. Wetdog - Nancy Riley
4. Deep Sht - Hector
5. Shark Toys - Stayed Up
6. Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes
7. Frankie's Crew - Somebody
8. Graffiti Island - Head Hunters
9. Chain and the Gang - Unpronouceable Name
10. Vibes - Psychic
11. Spider And The Webs - Do You Really Wanna
12. Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave.
13. Tronics - Crush On You
14. Christmas Island - Nineteen
15. Grass Widow - To Where
16. The Legend! - The King Of Hobart
17. Times New Viking - Teenage Lust!
18. Sneaky Pinks - I Can't Wait
19. Psychedelic Horseshit - Dreadlock Paranoia
20. The Fresh & Onlys - D.Y.
21. Woollen Kits - By A Lake



Mandy said...

Hi! It's Mandy from Garbo's Daughter! I tried to respond to your direct message on Twitter, but kept receiving an error message. ANYHOO, just wanted to let ya know that the best way to get the tape is thru the Burger Records site:


But if you email me your address, I would love to send you some bagdes and stickers and stuff! :)

Thanks so much again for everything!! :)


xoxo Mandy

The Boy and the Cloud said...

garbo's daughter is the best thing i've heard for hours!