28 Feb 2010

PENS and Wetdog at Ladyfest

On thursday night we snuck off to the Goldsmiths Students' Union Ladyfest to see Bracelettes, PENS, Wetdog and Veronica Falls. Though having been forced to move the event to the common room with no stage it was a great and friendly night with most guest being seated or quietly standing at the back. It was a bit disorienting at first not being able to pogo to the mighty PENS but people probably would have looked weird at us. We sadly missed the Bracelettes and had to leave before Veronica Falls but we're pretty much sure that Wetdog stole the show with their almost marching sounding minimalistic post-punk. Truly a great band and they'll leave Vivian Girls behind in their dust when they embark on their US-tour with them in March.

And speaking of March. We found out that the next PENS 7" on De Stijl will be the fantastic You Only Like Me backed with Love Rules. Oh PENS, how we love you.

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