25 Feb 2010

Typical Girls

This is simply amazing. Over at Kängnäve they've posted downloads of a 12 (TWELVE) cdr compilation entitled A Reference Of Female-Fronted Punk Rock: 1977-89. Apparently a Vince B. from San Francisco put together this compilation and sent of 36 hand made copies with info and notes on the bands to his friends. (Vince, if you're reading this we would like to be your friend). It's an astonishing compilation with everything from classic female bands like Rezillos, Au Pairs and Delta 5 to obscure bands like the Yugoslav band Drustvo Prisjecavalaca Boljih Dana. Everybody should hear these songs and all kid sisters should get a copy of it on their next birthday. Download and read more about this project at the original post

Our friend Mongonaut also mentions the Women In Punk 1975-1980 list put together by Sharon Cheslow which has even more female fronted bands. Somebody needs to put together a box with these bands asap.

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