7 Mar 2010

So Tough! So Cute! First night in London on March 19th

We're really happy to announce the first So Tough! So Cute! night in London and we hope you will be able to come down and dance and have a great time with us.

After running monthly clubs in Sweden since 2007 and having graced dancefloors with mind blowing, sing-along, fists-in-the-sky guest dj-sets at London's own Baby Honey, How Does It Feel To Be Loved, Twee As F*ck and Popfest, we are here to put on a proper indie pop, post-punk, 'twee', diy and garage pop night where the focus is on dancing the night away and making out with someone you probably shouldn't make out with.

Whether it's Field Mice, the Fall, Crass, Belle & Sebastian, Orange Juice or Times New Viking, Fresh & Onlys, Hunx & His Punks, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, PENS or Swedish gods bob hund and Broder Daniel we'll keep the dancefloor sweaty and full of love*

To help kick off our first night we've invited our favourite club UPSET THE RHYTHM who'll be putting on The Sticks to launch their new crashing and tumbling record as well as the amazing post-punky bands La La Vasquez and Human RACE.

So simple. Bands till around 11:30 and then So Tough! So Cute! will provide the dancing of your life.

The Sticks (Albumlaunch)
La LA Vasquez
Human Race

So Tough! So Cute!
+ Sex Is Disgusting and Savoury Days DJs between the bands

Friday 19th March 2010
The Buffalo Bar, 259 Upper St, London N1 1RU
8pm - 4am (dance party after the bands!)
£ 4.50 | 3 after the bands
Tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/75041

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*If you're new to So Tough! So Cute!, and we can see that there are some of you, yes you in the corner, you might want to click on mixtapes and playlists on the right to see what we're all about. Basically we started the night all those years ago to have a place to dance to the songs we sang along to and jump to in our bedrooms but then didn't get to hear when going to clubs. We really like early punk, labels like Rough Trade, Postcard, Sarah, Factory, early Creation and bands that took influence from that DIY meets Pop feeling. While we may geek over b-sides we always try to play dancable stuff as there's nothing that's makes us happier than smiles and eyes that say oh-my-god-did-they-really-play-that-song-I-always-wanted-to-hear-that-song-in-a-club.

What gets us going at the moment are bands like Black Tambourine, Ty Segall, Blueboy, The Pastels, Chain And The Gang, Camera Obscura, The Monochrome Set, The Fall, Belle And Sebastian, Heavenly, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Twa Toots, The Shangri-Las, Orange Juice, Pooh Sticks, Only Ones, The Aislers Set, The Sea Urchins, Go-Betweens, Hunx & His Punx, Monks, Jacuzzi Boys, Aztec Camera, Dolly Mixture, Grafitti Island, Girls At Our Best!, My Favorite, The Field Mice, Mccarthy, Tullycraft, Hefner, Shop Assistants, New Order, Aphex Twin, Felt, PENS, The Cure, The Wolfhounds, Home Blitz, Razorcuts, Primal Scream, Veronica Falls, Wire, Trembling Blue Stars, Richard Hell, Fire Engines, The Modern Lovers, The Magnetic Fields, Mika Miko, The Wedding Present, Bubblegum Splash, The Bobbyteens, The Tough Alliance, Brighter, Free Loan Investments, The Flatmates, Kleenex, Fresh & Onlys, Dexy's Midnight Runners, The Bodines, Comet Gain, Biff Bang Pow!, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Huggy Bear, Mekons, Crystal Stilts, Camera Obscura, Josef K, June Brides, Thee Oh Sees, Saint Etienne, Broder Daniel, Bikini Kill, Hit Parade, Beat Happening, Another Sunny Day, Television Personalities, Buzzcocks and lots more

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Anonymous said...

Oh i miss So tough so cute so much ;_;

Better keep track on your playlist mate, so we'll all know exactly what we miss and then try to track down every track ourselves and have THE EXACT SAME NIGH AT HOME.