15 Mar 2010

ST!SC! Guest Mix on Gimme Indie Radio

The lovely radio station Gimme Indie has just posted the So Tough! So Cute! guest mix we put together for them with some our favourite songs. You can listen to the streamed mix this week over at Gimme Indie during the times listed under "Programtablå". Hope you like it and expect to hear a bunch of these tracks at our club night on friday. Get your tickets and join us at the facebook event.

Here are the tracks played on the show. We managed to pack in a lot in the 60 minute slot. Links go the artists myspace pages where there's more tracks, info on gigs and where to get the records

Garbo's Daughter
- Private Party - Garbo's Daughter Goes Pop! Cassette
Knight School - Pizza My Coat - Revenger LP
Home Blitz - Is Anybody There? - Out of Phase LP
The White Wires - Pogo 'Til I Puke - Pogo 'Til I Puke 7"
The Hairs - Duh! X 12 - Electric Virgin EP

Christmas Island - Nineteen - Nineteen 7"
Jacuzzi Boys - Island Ave. - No Seasons LP
Deep Sht - Hector - Weird You 7"
Woollen Kits - By A Lake - Teenage Love 7''
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Noise And Fury - The Letters To Daddy EP 7"

Veronica Falls - Found Love In A Graveyard - Found Love In A Graveyard 7"
La La Vasquez - Buoy - M'Lady's 7"
Nobunny - I Am A Girlfriend - Love Visions LP
Davila 666 - Sabes Que Quiero - Sabes Que Quiero 7"
The Fresh & Onlys - Peacock and Wing - The Fresh & Onlys LP

Shark Toys - Stayed Up - Stayed Up 7"
Times New Viking - Teenage Lust! - Present the Paisley Reich LP
Wetdog - Long Long Time To Go - Frauhaus! LP
Feeling of Love - Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk - Waiting for the Cheerleaders to Get Drunk 7''
Grass Widow - To Where - Grass Widow LP

Ty Segall and Mikal Cronin - Pop Song - Pop Song 7"
First Base - I Got A Girl - I Got A Girl 7"
Nudge Squidfish - They Call Me Mike Rep - 20,000 Leagues Under Nashville LP
Chain and the Gang - Unpronouceable Name - Down With Liberty... Up With Chains! LP


Hat said...

Hey, I've subscribed to this blog for over a month now and love it! You've helped me discover some great bands. My band 'Colour me wednesday' is always looking for gigs! If you find any we'd be able to play at in London do let me know!! I would be honoured to play a long side any of these bands you write about!



Daniel Novakovic said...

Oh hi and thank you for your kind words. We don't actually book bands ourselves but rather put on dance nights where we get to play records and let other clubs like Upset The Rhythm and Baby Honey take care of the live parts of the nights. So you're better of contacting live clubs like that. Good luck