10 Sep 2010

Hello, hello, hello, now here's a message from your Queen

Dear readers, let it be known that Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard is an amazing fun band and that they're the nicest guys ever and if they are playing in your town you really need to go see them. Also let it be known that the Sockpuppets are the tightest and noisiest of all noisepop bands and the sweetest danes ever.
Jeffrey Lewis, his brother Jack and drummer David were on fire last night. So fucking good. Highlights of the set were End Result, an amazing punk version of Beat Happening's Teenage Caveman, Don't Be Upset, Creeping Brain, The History of the French Revolution and, as a nod to our wee humble DJ-set before the show, they did our personal favourite The History Of Punk On Lower East Side 1950-1979.

Thank you so much Jeffrey & co, Sockpuppets, Roque and Jennifer (who sadly arrived late and didn't play that much), the lovely staff at Debaser and to everyone that showed up for the show.

Here's two videos from Jeffreys set

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