8 Sep 2010

last.fm pr0n (or How I Was Wrongly Tagged As Twee)

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last.fm has always been one of our favourite websites. Sure they could integrate it a bit better with Facebook, especially with the artist pages and events but it remains our go to place for music mainly because of the crazy statistics of ones listening habits and mood indicators.

We love it because last.fm never lies. If tweekid_86 twitters "having so much fun on picnic with @Softiesgrrrl at Kensington Gardens" but then his last.fm shows he's been listening to So Said Kay by the Field Mice on repeat for the last day and a half (we call this condition "Field Mice-coma") you know that picnic probably didn't go that well and that he's home sobbing and that somebody probably should go over with some crumpets and tea.

We also love the users arguments over artist bios and the tag wars. Our current favourite is Wrongly Tagged As Twee (which now even has it's page on Facebook). And speaking of Wrongly Tagged As Twee, the reason for this post is that we noticed that we had just listened to our 110000 track and using that gadget thingy we took a look at how our listening habits have changed for these last three years and it shows... ehm, well it shows that these last 12 months Home Blitz and Beat Happening and the current wave of garage punk US bands have pretty much KO'd The Fall, Field Mice and Trembling Blue Stars and the old UK indiepop garde.

We bet that will change with the new Trembling Blue Stars and Comet Gain LPs coming out. Just look how Edwyn Collins fought his way to have his name in bold Arial in that last chart. And oh [insert deity of your choice], the new Orange Juice box is gonna kick this charts arse all over the place isn't it? Until then... Go Home Blitz!

The images above were based on the following stats:

1100000 Tracks
Tracks per hour: 4.37
Tracks per day: 104.84
Tracks per week: 733.87
Tracks per month: 3250.01
Tracks per year: 38266.30

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brogues said...

heh heh...as Claire Grogan's character says in Gregory's Girl: "Why are boys obsessed with numbers?" Funny post, sir!

Daniel Novakovic said...

haha she's right to ask that ;)