1 Nov 2010

DJ-set on Nov 5th. at Klubb Indigo at Blekingska Nationen in Lund

Hey all, we're happy to announce that we're playing records at Klubb Indigo in Lund this Friday. It's at Blekingska Nationen - holy indiepop ground here in southern Sweden to say the least. We've had tons of fun here in the past, like on the night with the Tough Alliance madness - top 10 shows ever! -  and are happy to have been invited again. Please come down and have a fun night with us. We'll be playing our specially roasted blend of Indiepop, sixties Soul, Pop and Girl-group and tons of other stuff to keep your feet stomping.

This is a student nation so you'll need student ID to be able to get in. The rules for non-Lund students kinda go over our heads  - hey' we're record geeks, we're too busy remembering catalogue numbers - so we asked our friends Copy & Paste to explain it all:
För att komma in krävs nationsmedlemskap. Är man studerande på annat universitet eller högskola så går det bra att köpa gästleg för 50 spänn, senast samma eftermiddag som klubben kör (det är vårt quratel som har rätt att utfärda gästleg, men det går att boka gästleg på distans, om man mejlar bild på giltigt fotoleg och studentleg.)
See you there!

Klubb Indigo
Blekingska Nationen, Måsvägen 11, Lund, Sweden
Friday Nov 5th | 22-02 | 18 with Student ID
Facebook event

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