11 Nov 2010

Guest Mixtape 07: A So Tough! So Cute! mix by Colleen Green

Art by Colleen Green
Big day for us at the STSC headquarters as we have a mixtape to offer you by the faboulous Colleen Green! We've been eagerly awaiting a proper realease after being run over by on her amazing tracks 4 Loko 2 Kayla, Dance The Night Away and Green One on her myspace which sent us dancing (more like awkwardly shuffling) and looking for an excuse to go over to that Special Person and ask if they wanted to go outside for a smoke and make-out.

Ace label Art Fag Recordings, who have released other So Tough favourites like Las Robertas, Best Coast and Internet Forever, has heard our prayers it seems and will hopefully be releasing an EP sometime soon, and 4 Loko 2 Kayla will be out on a vinyl 7" as well in early 2011. Though you can still buy tapes and the 4 Loko 2 Kayla CD-Rs on the Colleen Green Myspace.

Colleen also has the funny Happy Birfday Jeff blog which features a lot of dope smokin' adventures and being on tour with Girlfriends but our favourite is the Real Shit Daily! tumblr where's she puts up her super cool comics. Here's the mix she made for us with her comments, hope you like it!

A So Tough So Cute Mix By Colleen Green

1. Colleen Green - U And Me
2. Camper Van Beethoven - Eye Of Fatima (Pt. 1)
3. Blink-182 - Strings
4. Bugs And Rats - Summertime
5. Descendents - GCF
6. Devo - It's Not Right
7. Pixies - La La Love You
8. King Tubby - King Tubby's Conversation Dub
9. The Splinters - Dark Shades
10. Teen Idols - Insanity Plea
11. Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders
12. Fastbacks - I Found The Star
13. Drexel - Lazy
14. Sublime - Steppin' Razor
15. Superdrag - Sugar
16. Damone - Your Girlfriends
17. The Lot Six - Die Polize
18. Scared Of Chaka - Why Are You Weird?
19. Off With Their Heads - Hard To Admit
20. The Big Big Bucks - Arsenal Compliments Wardrobe
21. The English Beat - Pato And Roger A Go Talk


Alternative download

Here is a mix I made.  I wasn't trying to show off or anything, I just put a bunch of songs by bands I really, really like.  I also repped my home state of Massachusetts pretty hard.  I am an ass though for not putting any Lemonheads, Dinosaur Jr., or Sebadoh. Oh well. Hope you all enjoy this poppy shit.

U + ME - Colleen Green
A brand new song by Yours Truly.

Eye of Fatima - Camper Van Beethoven
This song rules. I first heard it on Sublime's acoustic album. Bradley Nowell had excellent taste in music.

Strings - Blink 18
An old classic by one of my favorite bands of all time.

Summertime - Bugs And Rats
My favorite current Boston band. My old band used to play with them all the time and we shared a practice room too.  So heavy, so druggy, they have been a huge influence on me for years.

GCF - Descendents
All I want is some good clean fun! Well, that's not true.

It's Not Right - Devo
"I sit around in a trance all day and think about you all the time..."

La La Love You - Pixies
I often find myself wishing that I could write songs as simultaneously poppy and weird as The Pixies. I read the ad that Frank Black posted in the Phoenix in the 80s looking for a female band mate one time.  It was pretty cool.

King Tubby's Conversation Dub - King Tubby
No song that has ever appeared on a Trojan Records compilation has ever been bad.

Dark Shades - Splinters
The Splinters are an awesome all girl band from Oakland, CA. Their new album "Kick" is really good and this is one of my favorite songs from it.

Insanity Plea - Teen Idols
Classic tale of "I'm gonna kill myself if you break up with me." "...And if that doesn't work I'm going to kill you."

Attack Of The Ghost Riders - Raveonettes
I first found out about the Raveonettes from MTV, can you believe it???? I saw this video on a special thing they were doing about "indie" bands.  I've loved them ever since.  Me, Kayla, and Nate went to see them one time at The Paradise in Boston, and it was really awesome.  I was super high, which ruled and all, but I wished I had been on something slightly more psychedelic.

I Found The Star - Fastbacks
The Fastbacks are one of my FAVORITE bands ever. I've never heard a song by them I didn't like, except maybe that Bee Gees cover.

Lazy - Drexel
This Boston band was a huge part of my life from the ages of 14-22 maybe? Me and all my friends loved them and used to go see them all the time at various VFWs, KofCs, Elks Lodges, high school football fields, and various clubs in the Boston area.  Eventually me and my friend Jenna ended up working for their record company, a tiny independent label run out of Allston, MA called Fork in Hand Records.  But seriously, I've loved all their music for years and I met a lot of my best friends through going to Drexel shows and hanging out in that scene.

Steppin Razor - Sublime
I was obsessed, literally obsessed, with Sublime from 6th-10th grade.  They were the first "rock n roll" band I got into, and through their music I learned about a lot of other bands that became pretty important to me.  This song is off "Robbin' the Hood" which doesn't sound amazing but a lot Sublime's best songs are on here.  I've always loved their experimental/improvisational nature and their DIY /fuck you attitude.  Plus, they smoke mad weed.

Sugar - Superdrag
Superdrag is one of my favorite bands from the 90s. "Regretfully Yours" left a huge impression on me when I first heard it. I wish I could make songs that sound exactly like them. I like this song because it's about drugs and love.

Your Girlfriends - Damone
When this song was recorded and originally released, this Boston band was still known as Noelle (after their 15 year old singer, Noelle). I love this song! The original guitarist, Dave Pino, was a founding member of another one of my favorite Boston bands Superglue, then went on to form Waltham, and now allegedly plays guitar in Powerman 5000.

Die Polize - The Lot Six
This is a rowdy jam from another of my favorite Boston bands of all time, The Lot Six.  They were a great rock n roll band and their shows were always super fun.

Hard To Admit - Off With Their Heads
I still think about him every day, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Arsenal Compliments Wardrobe - Big Big Bucks
My buddies!!! I love The Big Big Bucks! I've played a million shows with them and we went on tour together one time too.  We smoke all the weed together and they call me "sis".  All four members are pretty amazing musicians, and they are currently playing some of the most fucked up pop music in Boston.

Pato And Roger A Go Talk - The English Beat
I really like "Rotating Head" a lot better, but I recently put that on a mix I made for someone else, and I wanted to mix it up a bit.  This song rules too though.  I'm obsessed with British Reggae.


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