14 Jun 2012

Guest Mixtape 18: Songs To Jump Up And Down To By The Spook School

Summer break is here so who better to ask for a mixtape than the Spook School kids? It's been a while since we last had one.

The Spook School has been our favourite breakout band of the year so far with amazing singalong dance floor hits like Are You Who You Think You Are? and History and we've had people come up and ask what it was everytime we've played them so far! With their Jangly pop and Scottish vocals they've definitely captured this old Swedes heart (you know how it is, we Swedes love our Scottish indiepop).

Our friends over at Cloudberry records will be releasing their first seven inch single on shiny vinyl later in the year but you can head over at the Spook School page and listen to tracks and check out their upcoming gigs. They are playing with the Just Joans, another fine band from Scotland, this weekend in Edinburgh so go and see them and say we said hello.

Here is the mixtape they put together for us. Hope you like it and thank you Spook School for doing this!

Songs To Jump Up And Down To By The Spook School

Side A
1. Dialling Tone – Milky Wimpshake
We played with Milky Wimpshake at our favourite gig we've ever played, so they're kinda special to us. This song's great. “your boyfriend seems so dull, he was probably born in Hull”

2. Heart Heart – Withered Hand
Withered Hand's from Edinburgh too. It's fun to shout along with this song.

3. Loop Duplicate My Heart – Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Another heart song. It's a very popular organ. Naomi and Adam saw SKWBN at Ediburgh popfest a couple of years ago. One of them bled all over his guitar. This seems to have made a lasting impression.

4. Casablanca – So Cow
Noisy noisy shout shout fun. 

5. Truck – The Octopus Project
I know nothing about this band apart from this song, but it's a very fun song. I should probably listen to more. 

6. Andrew In Drag – The Magnetic Fields
Some of the best lyrics I've heard for ageees. In every way.

7. Who The Fuck? - Graham Coxon
I love everything about Graham Coxon and this song could only be him. “I feel a certain shape and it's complicated it's not like a square or a circle...”

8. Parker – Sex Hands
They're a band from Manchester that sing songs exclusively about the TV show 'Friends'. Naturally, Naomi thinks they're great.

9. U.N.P.O.C. - See You Later
I bought U.N.P.O.C.'s album off his website and rather un-subtley included a link to a very early version of 'History' that me and Naomi had recorded using one of those microphones you use to make phone calls on the internet. He sent a really nice hand written note with the CD saying he enjoyed listening to our song. I've still got it pinned to my wall. 

10. Allergies – The Lovely Eggs
Lovely lovely lovely eggs are the best. Noisy fun tunes that still manage to say more than most stuff out there.

Side B
11. We're So Heavy – Slowcoaches
This is the title track off their EP which is great. More noisy punky pop songs.

12. Jennifer – Pete & The Pirates
This song is really brilliant. I like to sing along to it out loud in the street, even if i get embarrassed when people give me funny looks. 

13. Zerox – Adam & The Ants
Definitely the best song about photocopiers out there.

14. Super Rat – Honeyblood
We played with these guys recently and they were ace! They shout really loud and I approve of girls' shouting. SCUMBAG SLEAZE! 

15. Walking Distance – The Buzzcocks
I really like Buzzcocks' lyrics. Think they're often underrated. This song doesn't have any lyrics, but it's very good.

16. I Took Her Love For Granted – Hefner
Darren Hayman wins the award for most appearances on the mixtape, since he produced the Withered Hand track too. Well done Darren! This was the song that made me listen to Hefner, and it's still my fave.

17. Kiss Your Lips – Allo, Darlin'
I like pretending to be cockney when I say their name and I probably would also like to put our lips together. So fun. So ukelele! 

18. John I'm Only Dancing – David B
You can't have a mixtape without David B. You can't have anything without David B. David B invented everything good. (Ed. note: yes the Spooky kids know his last name but this way the mixtape won't be taken down as fast)

19. Where's Me Jumper – The Sultans Of Ping F.C.
Similarly, you can't have a mixtape without 'Where's Me Jumper'. If everyone in the world had to listen to this song once a day I think it would be a much better place.

20. Pirate DVDs – Plastic Animals
Another great Edinburgh band. This song's off their new EP which is super. You should get it.

Get it here.
Or here.

As for So Tough! So Cute! we're also on a summer break so the next party isn't until 27th July with David Feck of Comet Gain djing in London. But we do have a Too Cute To Puke all-girl pop night 22nd June in Malmö and another one in London on 30th June. So much for summer break eh?

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