19 Jun 2012

Too Cute To Puke #14 on Midsummers Eve in Malmö

We don't know how midsummer's eve is celebrated in the rest of the world but in Sweden it's traditionally done by having it rain all day, eating pickled herring, drinking 'nubbe' and dancing like a little frog around a giant phallic symbol that is covered with green shrubbery and flowers.

Yes, seriously.

So we figured, what's more fitting more than having an all-girl club night and symbolically cut the cock?

To help us out behind the decks we have DJ Bipopulaire, two ladies by the name of Lisa and Emmy who, as all franco- and anglophiles, like Burzum t-shirts, my little pony hair and strong liquor. Probably also some French and British stuff.

Too Cute To Puke - Strictly Femme Fronted Music
Guest-DJ: Bipopulaire
Friday 22 June
Moriska Paviljongen - Bistron, Folkets Park, Malmö
22-03 | 60kr | 20 yrs (email us to get on the under-20 list)
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