27 Feb 2013

Mixtape: You're The Girl That Does Everything I Do

Here's our first proper mixtape since... oh bloody hell, July 2011. Ah well. Consider this the January mixtape and the February one should be up in a few days.

We've got 15 smashing tracks that we really like right now. Some old ones like the brilliant tracks by International Strike Force, Excuse 17, The Blue Minkies and Clag and some spanking new ones by Heavy Times, Fat Creeps, Heathers, La Luz and the Tuts. Salt Flat may be what we're looking forward the most this year. All we've heard by them so far has been real good. Very fun covers by Terry Malts and Grass Widow and the rest are pretty ace too. Hope you enjoy it. And if you do go and buy it.

You're The Girl That Does Everything I Do
International Strike Force - Golden Starlet
La Luz - Sure as Spring
Fat Creeps - Daydreaming
Heavy Times - I'm Single
The Scabs - Leave Me Alone
Grass Widow - Unbelievable (EMF cover)
Clag - Goldfish
Heathers - Teenage Clothes
Salt Flat - Outloud
Bam! Bam! - Golden Haze 2
Excuse 17 - Watchmaker
Terry Malts - Over 21 (Henry's Dress cover)
The Blue Minkies - Boyfriend In A Box
The Tuts - Tut Tut Tut
Humousexual - No Borders

B'dum (mirror)

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