8 Mar 2013

Mixtape: Operator! Operator! This Town Is Full Of Incest!

Woah, the second mixtape in so few days? Well it was either that or a mega-gigantic mixtape last time. Lets just keep it short and sweet. This may be an even better selection if you don't mind us saying so ourselves. Please don't mind.

What do we have this time then? Classic angular post-punk by the Glaxo Babies. Skinned Teen and Dark Times are really ace. Old and new riot grrrl punk. The whole Veronica Falls covers EP is so so good, here represented with a sweet Rats track. Edible Arrangements from Brighton are amazing and have La La Vasquez members and another super group is Nun with members from Woollen Kits and Constant Mongrel among others. Swedish gothpunx Makthaverskan have a new record out as well as Kim Baxter (All Girl Summer Fun Band), Love Cuts and Golden Grrrls. And the rest is just really great too. Hope you enjoy it and if you do go buy something from the bands

Operator! Operator! This Town Is Full Of Incest!
Glaxo Babies - Police State
Daylight Robbery - No Center
Skinned Teen - Nancy Drew
Reversible Cords - Teen Orgy
Nun - Solvents
Edible Arrangements - Second Hand Shit That You Live In
Performing Ferret Band - Fallen Tyrant
Veronica Falls - Teenagers (The Rats cover)
Kim Baxter - Intelligent Lovers
Dark Times - Girl Hate
Makthaverskan - Asleep
The Coathangers - Sex Beat (Gun Club cover)
Love Cuts - Extra
Golden Grrrls - Past Tense
Icky Boyfriends - No Duh

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