26 Sep 2013

Mixtape: Take Off Your Pants. Just Dance

You know that 'oh-oh i'm feeling a bit woozy' feeling? That feeling when you have had one cup of Kenyan sun dried coffee too many? One Mikkeller K:rlek beer too many? Or like that feeling when you've eaten too much cheese and you wake up sweating after a weird cheese dream? That's the feeling we get when we are super behind on putting together these mixtapes and more fantastic music just keeps getting released. Oh-oh woozy. So this will be the first of three mixtapes coming out this and next week. So be sure to check back in a few days

A lot of these tracks from are brand new and upcoming releases and you really should go get them right after listening to these sample tracks. Just copy-paste the artist in Google and go buy it weather it's from bandcamp, which most of these bands have, or from their label.

Take Off Your Pants. Just Dance

Habibi - Let Me In
Katie and Allison Crutchfield - Oblivion (Grimes cover)
Las Timidas - Botellón En La Cocina
Household - A New Leaf
Love Child  - Sofa
No Ditching - Meat In Your Teeth
The Courtneys - 90210
Terry Malts - I Was Not There
Ruby Pins - Chariot
Fully Cooked - Dog Ate Pussy
Chastity Belt - Pussy Weed Beer
Rose Melberg - Tally Ho (The Clean)
Sexhair - Bad Girls
ONSIND - Dissatisfactions
Potty Mouth - The Spins

B'dum (Mirror)

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