30 Sep 2013

Mixtape: Girls Like Me Don't Know When To Quit. We Get Revenge

Happy Monday! Here's the second part of our three part attempt to catch up with great new and old discoveries. This one is pretty warm and fuzzy with a bit of edge in the middle and end. Kinda like a warm bowl of porridge where you've lightly roasted the oatmeal and a few hazelnuts and almonds, cooked it with a bit of whole milk in the water and then served it with a nice sweet ripe banana and some locally produced honey drizzled on top. You get through those first spoons with soft yummy porridge then you get a bit crunch in the middle, then a bit more mushy and right in the end there's that last roasted hazel nut covered in the last drop of honey. OK, we need some breakfast right now.

A bunch of these tracks from are brand new and upcoming releases and you really should go get them right after listening to these sample tracks. Just copy-paste the artist in Google and go buy it weather it's from bandcamp, which most of these bands have, or from their label.

Girls Like Me Don't Know When To Quit. We Get Revenge
The Spook School - I'll Be Honest
Daylight Robbery - Annexed
Funsuck - Country Sherb'it
Joyride! - Shot in the Dark
Dog Party - How Are You Doing?
Joanna Gruesome - Secret Surprise
Fever Fever - Monster
Good Throb - You Ain't Never
The Element Of Crime - Delinquntsquint
Vain Aims - Count
The Rondelles - Revenge
Downtown Boys - Maldito
Au Pairs - Come Again
Dear Nora - Second Birthday
404ERROR - Antlers (Dirty Mix)
Fire Hydrant Men Featuring The Fabulous Fezettes - Mayday In Moscow
Hunx And His Punx - Don't Call Me Fabulous

B'dum (Mirror)

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