28 Aug 2009

Thanks and photos from the Harvey Williams and Leaving Mornington Crescent night

Thanks to everyone who showed up and made our night a lovely mini popfest! Harvey Williams put on a great live show with singing along to, I dare say, every song. And he finished up with a wonderful cover of the Hit Parade which made atv least my eyes swell up with tears. Malmös own Leaving Mornington Crescent opened with an impressive live debut and even got people to dance. Harvey also did a really strong dj-set and somehow managed to keep the dancefloor going while signing copies of the reissue of London Weekend*. Thanks to everyone involved in making this a great night. Next time will be the last So Tough! So Cute! at Retro for the time being but we'll talk about that in the next post. *Seriously, buy this record. The sound is fantastic, there's loads of extra tracks. The linear notes are well-written and the sleeve is full of clippings. Here are the few photos that we managed to save

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