7 Oct 2013

Mixtape: You're Gone Again, You Never Want To Stay

Another Monday, another day of work. Well not work. More like returning Buffy comics to the library (a seriously disappointing reading), eating croissants - plain please - and drinking coffee. Picking up some new records at the post office. And then maybe watching Bob's Burgers. Note to self: get a life.

Anyway, we have the third part of catch-up-mixtapes (get the first and second part). A bit more varied than the other two. We've put some old post-punk diy songs one here mixed up with some lovely indiepop stuff and then gone a bit more electronic in the middle with a sweet punk finish. It's, like, all-over the map!

Hope you like this mixtape and if you do like a particular song please support the artist!

You're Gone Again, You Never Once Stayed

Toxic Shock - Intoxicated
Crazy Band - Memorized
Go Violets - Teenager
Upset - Oxfords and Wingtips
Throwing Up - Gone Again
Nancy Sesay & The Melodaires - C'est Fab
The Containers - Zip Zip
Don't Cry Shopgirl - Bring Me Home (Demo)
Future Bible Heroes - Keep Your Children in a Coma
The Blow - Invisible
Fulhäst - Out Of Luck (Pointed Sticks cover)
TacocaT - I Am A Girlfriend (Nobunny cover)
Dog Legs - Cobra Snake
Las Otras - Rivales
Deep Lust - Mass Teens On The Run
Secret Beach - Cockroach Girlfriend
Pariapunk - Double Face

B'dum (mirror)

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